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Japanese Info
Hunter × Hunter (2011 remake)Hunter × Hunter (2011 remake) (ハンター×ハンター)Hunter × Hunter
73 - Ongoing73 - Ongoing
October 2, 2011 - OngoingOctober 2, 2011 - Ongoing
Atsushi Maekawa; Tsutomu Kamishiro
Hiroshi Kōjina
Action, Adventure, FantasyAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Hunter × HunterHunter × Hunter
NeferpitouNeferpitou (ネフェルピトー)
· · ·
Alluka Zoldyck Alluka Zoldyck (アルカ ゾルディック)
· · ·
Biscuit Krueger Biscuit Krueger (ビスケット=クルーガー)
· · ·
Bonolenov Bonolenov (ボノレノフ)
· · ·
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Characters: Hunter × Hunter

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Neferpitou Neferpitou (ネフェルピトー) Kurapika Kurapika (クラピカ)
Alluka Zoldyck Alluka Zoldyck (アルカ ゾルディック) Leorio Paladinight Leorio Paladinight (レオリオ=パラディナイト)
Biscuit Krueger Biscuit Krueger (ビスケット=クルーガー) Machi Machi (マチ)
Bonolenov Bonolenov (ボノレノフ) Maha Zoldyck Maha Zoldyck (マハ ゾルディック)
Chrollo Lucilfer Chrollo Lucilfer (クロロ=ルシルフル) Melody Melody (センリツ)
Feitan Feitan (フェイタン) Milluki Zoldyck Milluki Zoldyck (ミルキ=ゾルディック)
Franklin Franklin (フランクリン) Mito Freecss Mito Freecss
Genthru Genthru (ゲンスルー) Nobunaga Hazama Nobunaga Hazama (ノブナガ ハザマ)
Ging Freecss Ging Freecss Pakunoda Pakunoda (パクノダ)
Gon Freecs Gon Freecs Phink Phink (フィンクス)
Hisoka Hisoka (ヒソカ) Shalnark Shalnark (シャルナーク)
Illumi Zoldyck Illumi Zoldyck (イルミ ゾルディック) Shizuku Shizuku (シズク)
Kalluto Zoldyck Kalluto Zoldyck (カルト ゾルディック) Silva Zoldyck Silva Zoldyck (シルバ ゾルディック)
Kikyō Zoldyck Kikyō Zoldyck (キキョウ ゾルディック) Tonpa Tonpa (トンパ)
Killua Zoldyck Killua Zoldyck Uvogin Uvogin (ウヴォーギン)
Kortopi Kortopi (コルトピ) Zeno Zoldyck Zeno Zoldyck (ゼノ ゾルディック)

Description: Hunter × Hunter

As the 2011 TV series remake of Hunter x Hunter 1999, the story starts with a young 12 year old boy named Gon, who is destined to be a hunter just like his father. But first, he must pass the hunters exam; and unfortunately, it isn't so easy to pass. Millions have participated-but only a very small few of that millions actually get their license.

After meeting and befriending a few other contestants, will Gon be able to pass the treacherous exam? Or fail, and have to try it next year? And the year after that?

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