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Character Profile: Good Turtleland III

USA Info
Japanese Info
Good Turtleland IIIGood Turtleland IIIGood Turtleland III (Infinite Ryvius)
Charlie (given to him by Team Blue)Charlie (given to him by Team Blue)
Former member of the ZweiFormer member of the Zwei
"Don't call me Charlie!!"
Alex DodukToshiharu Sakurai
Infinite RyviusMugen No Ryvius

Character Description: Good Turtleland III

Good Turtleland III was a member of the Zwei cadets, and proud of it. However, he's a soft character and Team Blue found him to be an easy target to bully information out of. When Cliff Kei turned on her charms, it was found that the newly-christened "Charlie" was also a sucker for a pretty girl. Hence Cliff went to work pulling anything and everything Team Blue needed to know out of Charlie, and the poor boy believed she was in love with him, as he certainly was with her.

When Team Blue successfully staged their coup and brought the Ryvius under Aires Blue's control, Charlie, to his horror, was referred to and called by his hated nickname by all and promptly dumped by Cliff. Charlie found that it was all a con game, and Cliff never really liked him in the first place. This did not stop Charlie from attempting to win her back, despite the cruel taunts and jests she threw his way.

After the revolt of the Ryvius, in which Team Blue fell out of power, the Kei sisters were surrounded by a very angry mob of their fellow students. Charlie, who had followed Cliff even in that situation, defended her and received a heavy beating from the other students, after which he and Cliff were thrown into a brig cell. Cliff, who was indebted to Charlie for helping her, cleaned up Charlie's injuries. Charlie then tried to make their life in the brig as comfortable as possible, even giving up portions of his minimal food supplies to Cliff so that she wouldn't go hungry.

When Michelle, Cliff's sister, broke Charlie and Cliff out of their brig cell, Charlie was stunned to hear Cliff tell Michelle that she would stay with Charlie - no, Good Turtleland III. To which Charlie told Cliff to call him just that, Charlie. His persistence paid off, as Charlie now has the girl of his dreams.

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