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Anime Profile: Kanokon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kanokon Kanokon(かのこん) Kanokon
12 episodes 12 episodes
2008 2008
Media Factory Media Factory
Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance
Chizuru Minamoto  
· · ·
Kouta Oyamada  
· · ·
Nozomu Ezomori  
· · ·
Tayura Minamoto  

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: Kanokon

Kouta is a country boy who has moved to the city to attend Kunpo High school. When he is on his way for his first day of school he meets a beautiful girl named Chizuru that goes to his school. She immediately falls in love with him and asks him to meet her in the school music room after school. Kouta meets Chizuru in the music room and she confesses to him, pins him down and kisses him... and accidentally reveals her true form, a Kitsune (fox spirit). From this day on Kouta is constantly getting dragged into awkward and hilarious circumstances while Chizuru is always flirting with him making him constantly embarrassed.

Warning: The following video contains brief nudity.

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