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Character Profile: Amon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Amon Amon Amon (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
The Bad Sheep  
Sheep Sheep
Male Male
White/Grey Wool White/Grey Wool
Green Green
Sheep bent on ruling the universe Sheep bent on ruling the universe
"Fight on, my friend."  
Ted Lewis Koichi Yamadera
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Amon

Amon used to be a normal, innocent sheep, but King Dedede wanted to eat him. Luckily, Amon escaped, and raa-aan faa-aar, faa-aar awaa-aay where no one would find him. Then, one day, it happened; a bolt of lightning from the heavens struck Amon, but the bolt didn't kill him; instead, it made him change, and it made him mutate. Now he believed himself to no longer be a sheep; he was now a wolf!

Later, Amon returned to Dreamland with one thing in mind; the goal of liberating sheep everywhere so he could rule Popstar and soon the entire universe. Not long after that, he took over King Dedede's castle, Amon transformed into a big, scary sheep-beast because Kirby refused to "baa" like the others, and attacked Kirby with his projectile horns. Kirby inhaled one of the horns and became Needle Kirby, but his needles did not affect Amon. Thankfully, Amon was still stopped in the end. Before he and his flock could get to Kirby, Tiff blew the whistle, returning the flock to their normal selves.

Amon saw what cowards the sheep were and returned to his normal form with his creepy evil pupil-ful eyes. Later that day, Amon said to his friends that he would find a flock of sheep who feel the same way he does, and before running off into the sunset and leaving Cappy Town, he told Kirby to fight on.

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