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Japanese Info
Delivery ManDelivery ManDelivery Man (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
None (but he wears a helmet)None (but he wears a helmet)
Unknown (wears a helmet with a visor)Unknown (wears a helmet with a visor)
About 0'8"About 20 cm
Nightmare Enterprises monsterHoly Nightmare Corporation monster
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Delivery Man

The delivery man looks like a red robot wearing a helmet with yellow spikes running down its back, a flat fireball on each side, and a visor on the front. He rides a super-fast one-wheeled motorcycle which gets him to certain places so fast you can't always tell where he'll show up. Not only is he a good deliverer, he is skilled at weaponry, too. He can open up the front of his motorbike to reveal a cannon so he can fire missiles.

Dedede downloaded the delivery man after becoming disappointed in the slow speed of Chef Kawasaki's new delivery service. The delivery man was so fast that he got Kawasaki's deliveries all over the place.

But, when he encountered Kirby, he started to continuously run into him until Meta Knight sliced one of the engines off the delivery man's motorcycle. Kirby inhaled that engine and became Jet Kirby, and quickly beat the delivery dude. Afterwards, he continued the delivery he was going to make, but Dedede did not want Kirby's delivery, so Kirby ate it instead!

Character Description: Delivery Man

Chef Kawasaki's food service was slowing down and wasn't getting any customers. Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Iro, Honey, and Spikehead decide to help Kawasaki keep himself in business by creating a brand new delivery system. Tuff, Iro, Honey, and Spikehead deliver everyone's orders while Kawasaki prepares them, Tiff keeps hold of the phonecalls, and Kirby admires the menus.

Later,King Dedede gets mad when he sees that the Waddle Dees and Waddle Doo aren't making the food he asked for and decides to get the food from Kawasaki (but he said he wanted food not food poisoning). Tiff makes Kirby deliver the food King Dedede ordered, but Kirby wasn't able to deliver it due to the matter of starvation.

One day passes and King Dedede waited all night and never got his food. He orders a delivery man to deliver the food to him. Escargoon and Dedede make prank phone calls so that the orders will go out to only Dedede. In the end, Kirby defeats the delivery man because the delivery man was really on the hunt for Kirby. Once Kirby defeated him, Kirby grabs the food Dedede ordered and heads straight for the castle.

"Your delivery man just made his last delivery." said Escargoon.

"WHAT???!!!" said King Dedede.

King Dedede gets a visit from Kirby and Kirby delivers the food to Dedede. King Dedede was satisfied but he said Kirby could keep it and eat it (and even pay for it) because it was cooked yesterday.

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