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Bradley CrawfordBradley CrawfordBradley Crawford (Knight Hunters)
Brad CrawfordBrad Crawford
· · ·
27 years old27 years old
Steel blueSteel blue
6'1"185 cm
Assassin/body guardAssassin/body guard
"Well, do not focus so much on the honey that you forget there are bees around...""Well, do not focus so much on the honey that you forget there are bees around..."
Okiayu Ryoutarou
Knight HuntersWeiss Kreuz

Character Description: Bradley Crawford

Brad Crawford is the leader of the assassin group Schwarz. His code name is Oracle and he has the abiltiy to see parts of the future before they happen. This power is not full-proof, as he can be suprised. His nationality is American and he fights with his fists or his Walther PPK (gun).

Character Description: Bradley Crawford

Bradley Crawford is the leader of the Schwartz. He is very formal, always wears a suit, and has a short temper. He does his best to maintain a calm exterior, but sometimes, he loses control of it. Bradley is the American of the group. Brad is incredibly anal-retentive, picky about details, and always arguing with Schuldig, or scolding Schuldig, or undermining Schuldig. The two don't get along well. Brad is often shown to be a complete jerk, but he's just like the other Schwartz boys; hiding behind a mask.

It is speculated that Brad had a wife, but no one is quite sure. His past is unknown to most, though many assume that because of his hand-to-hand combat skills that he was a kickboxer for several years of his life. Other than that, nothing is truly known about him.

Brad is always wearing a suit, usually blue, but once or twice he's wearing a white suit. He had glasses perched on his nose, steel eyes glaring over them in an "I'm better than you are, so deal with it" kind of way. Black hair is rumpled above those glasses, never quite in order. He's under a lot of stress; he's not going to care about how his hair looks.

While Crawford can be a jerk (he slaps Nagi for being sentimental...), he is a good leader who knows what needs to be done. He's intelligent, crafty, and able to think on his feet. Often he seems to be submissive, but Bradley always has alterior motives to get exactly what he wants out of life.

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