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SchuldigSchuldigSchuldig (Knight Hunters)
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Schuldich (alternate, incorrect spelling)Schuldich (alternate, incorrect spelling)
22 years old22 years old
Orange (Green in the manga)Orange (Green in the manga)
Blue (Gold in the manga)Blue (Gold in the manga)
About 5'9" - 5'10"About 175 cm - 178 cm
Member of SchwartzMember of Schwartz
Jeff SwarthoutHikaru Midorikawa
Knight HuntersWeiss Kreuz

Character Description: Schuldig

Schuldig is a member of the assassin group Schwarz, who is also composed of Brad Crawford, the leader, Farfello, who is a little mad, and Nagi, the youngest. Schuldig has the abiltiy to read people's minds and enjoys messing with people's emotions. His codename is Mastermind, due to his power.

He is most often thought to be German, although this is not official. He is definitely from Germany, however.

Little to none is known about Sculdich's past.

Character Description: Schuldig

Schuldig is what one might call...irritating. He is arrogant, confident, loud, and overwhelming in general. Bradley and Schuldig are not what one would call best of friends, either. They have completely conflicting personalities, and are constantly arguing.

Each of the Schwartz members (NOT Weiss' enemies...both are assassins for HIRE...they were simply HIRED to be irritating) has a particular mental power. Schuldig's happens to be telepathy. He uses it to find out the way that people feel about his particular target (for example, Ouka-chan and Omi-chan), or to manipulate a particular target. He is also unnaturally fast. He can dodge nearly any blow he is expecting, which makes him incredibly difficult to fight.

Schuldig fights with a gun, and is extremely good at it. He has much better aim with such a projectile than his associate, Farfarello.

Most often (except when Crawford makes him dress up), Schuldig can be seen in white/cream trousers and a long forest green double-breasted trench coat. Unruly orange hair is tied back with a red bandana that is accented with sunglasses that are perched on the top. Such an attractive little German, isn't he?

On the note of being German, Schuldig's name means "guilty" in German, which means it's an actual WORD. Hence, Schuldig is the only, only, only spelling of his name. Some spellings can be understood for the simple reasoning of pronunciation, however. Schuldig is how his name is spelled.

No one is quite certain of Schu's past, though it is known he was at Rosenkreuz, and he had a relationship with someone named Silvia. Other than that, nothing is known.

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