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Character Profile: Lan-Mao

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lan-Mao Ran-Mao Lan-Mao (Kuroshitsuji)
Blue Tiger Blue Tiger
Human Human
Female Female
Unknown(estimated late teens, early twenties) Unknown(estimated late teens, early twenties)
Black Black
Gold Gold
5'6" 168 cm
Lau's personal assassin Lau's personal assassin
  "Foe of my brother, I will kill you."
Trina Nishimura Sayuri Yahagi
Episode 2 Episode 2
Kuroshitsuji Kuroshitsuji
· · ·
  Kuroshitsuji II
· · ·
  Kuroshitsuji OVAs

Character Description: Lan-Mao

Lan Mao is probably the character most used for fanservice in the scenes she's in. From sitting on Lau's lap in a suggestive way to using her wiles to seduce a man into stopping in his tracks to being used as a model for a naked ice sculpture, she is made of service.

It is rare to hear her speak, much less speak more than a few words at a time. It is common, however, to see her in the close company of Lau. Even though she and Lau refer to each other as siblings, they aren't related by blood. In a flashback in episode 20, it seems they are shown together as children, so it does not seem improbable that they are so close as to freely call each other family.

Lan Mao often sports a short black and lavender china-doll dress with a short blue jacket and wears her hair up in a cat-like bun fashion. In season 2 and the first OVA she is shown to have special costumes such as seaweed, a skin-tight mushroom suit, and an incredibly revealing kimono.

As for combat, she wields two large ornamental clubs, one for each hand. These clubs are hard and heavy enough to crack concrete and splinter wood, and apparently take a massive amount of strength and lower speed and agility. This does not seem to slow Lan Mao down too much, as she wields them with ease and can even keep up with Sebastian; Sebastian once stated that she must have a commendable amount of strength in her body for a human.

She was last seen attempting to defend Lau from what she believed was going to be a surprise attack from Sebastian Michaelis, which turned out to be no more than a message from Ciel, stating, "live as you please, just don't do it where I can see you."

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