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Anime Profile: Master of Martial Hearts

USA Info
Japanese Info
Master of Martial Hearts Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart(絶対衝激~Platonic Heart~) Master of Martial Hearts
5 OVA episodes 5 OVA episodes
August 10, 2010 October 29, 2008–February 25, 2009
FUNimation ARMS, Studio Kikan
  Hideki Shirane
  Yoshitaka Fujimoto
Martial Arts, Ecchi Martial Arts, Ecchi
Aya Iseshima Aya Iseshima
· · ·
Emi Daimonji Emi Daimonji
· · ·
Hiroki Honma Hiroki Honma
· · ·
Izumi Hayakawa Izumi Hayakawa
· · ·
Miko Kazuki Miko Kazuki
· · ·
Natsume Honma Natsume Honma
· · ·
Ren Kakisaki Ren Kakisaki
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Characters: Master of Martial Hearts

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aya Iseshima Aya Iseshima Ren Kakisaki Ren Kakisaki
Emi Daimonji Emi Daimonji Rin Hiroishi Rin Hiroishi
Hiroki Honma Hiroki Honma Ryu Geturei Ryu Geturei
Izumi Hayakawa Izumi Hayakawa Saki Daimonji Saki Daimonji
Miko Kazuki Miko Kazuki Yu Daimonji Yu Daimonji
Natsume Honma Natsume Honma    

Anime Description: Master of Martial Hearts

Aya Iseshima just happens to be a very-accomplished martial artist, but is not very comfortable about it. Being able to lay anyone down for the count could make her a social outcast, and all she ever wants is to be just an ordinary high school girl.

But one day, while headed home from school, she interferes in a pitched battle between an airline attendant and a miko (Shinto priestess), and saves the younger miko from the older woman. Aya then learns that the miko (whose name was also Miko) had been drafted into a mysterious contest where the best female fighters compete in life-or-death battles to obtain a strange jeweled heart which can grant the winner her fondest wish. But before Aya knows it, she also finds herself drafted into the contest as well! Now she's in for the battle of her life as she is forced to fight other women for the Martial Heart.

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