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Character Profile: Yurika Misumaru

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yurika Misumaru Yurika Misumaru Yurika Misumaru (Martian Successor Nadesico)
Human Human
Female Female
20 years(series); 23 years(movie) 20 years(series); 23 years(movie)
Blue Blue
Blue Blue
5'5" 166 cm
114 lbs 52 kg
34-23-33" 85-58-86 cm
Captain of the Nadesico Captain of the Nadesico
Jennifer K. Earhart Houko Kuwashima
Martian Successor Nadesico Kidou Senkan Nadesico

Character Description: Yurika Misumaru

Back when she was a little girl in the Martian Utopia colony, Yurika had had a childhood sweetheart: Akito Tenkawa, her next door neighbor. But then, her family was recalled to Earth, and it seemed to be the end of it. She followed in her father's (an admiral in the Earth Space Forces) footsteps and entered the military academy, blossoming into both a masterful tactician...and quite an attractive lady, as her father will sometimes allude. She graduated top of her class, the absolute best in battle simulations. With no one else to turn to, Nergal decided to pluck this fresh graduate and give her command of the best the planet has to offer: their first high mobile battleship: the Nadesico. Sprightly, upbeat, she was ready and eager to accept her duties.

But on the way to Nergal, she happened to lose a bag on the street...and she happens to run into someone very familiar. It's only later that she realizes that her sweet Akito has somehow wandered back into her life. Yurika continuously thinks it's fate, so she's constantly going after him. It seems like a rekindled infatuation, but underneath it's totally serious.

In the meantime, Yurika has to struggle with understanding just what it means to be the captain of a ship: more specifically, what she thinks it means to be captain of the Nadesico. History tells her one thing, but she's not the kind to sit idly by and fit into the mold. Then again, nor is any of her crew, for that matter.

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