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EnelEneruEnel (One Piece)
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Ener (alternate spelling)
Sky HumanSky Human
God of SkypieaGod of Skypiea
Toshiyuki Morikawa
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Enel

A person of the sky Ener ate the "Goro Goro" Devil Fruit, which gives him the power of electricity. After destroying his homeland. Ener journeyed with an army of followers to Skypiea. He quickly overthrew the former god Gan Forr, and became ruler of Skypiea. Ener's army consists of a large militia of goat men (think sacrificial goats) lead by Yama the militia captain. He also has 4 priests who guard the sacred upper yard of Skypiea where Ener resides. They are Ohm,Shura,Gedatsu,and Satori and they scout the rain forests of upper yard for intruders who they impose trials on.

Ener has a goal of reaching the "fairy Vearth" a place where there's endless Vearth. (Vearth is Earth as in soil. Which is pretty neat when you live in clouds) To this end Ener is constructing a flying ship: MAXIM (using Gan Forr's followers as slave labor) to reach it. Ener has the ability to sense peoples actions from far off using his Mantra, this way he can also sense peoples actions before they do them(very handy in a fight). When any citizen of Skypiea goes against him he can blow them away with blasts of electricity from far away. as such the Skypieans fear Gods judgement. In battle, Ener is a force to be reckoned with. He uses zaps of immense amounts of volts to fry his opponents, often making the bolts form animal shapes. He also wields a triton and the ability to use alchemy. He has two ultimate attacks. First is the "Raigoh" where he makes an immense ball of concentrated electricity that can destroy large land masses. The second is his Thunder God form where his entire body becomes one big concentration of lightning.

Ener's Lighting attacks would be unable to faze Luffy, because (as we saw in the Rougetown episode) Luffy is unable to be shocked by lightning (even if he's wet), since he's made of rubber.

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