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Chef ZeffChef Zeff (One Piece)
Red Shoes Zeff
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Crap Geezer (by Sanji)
Propreietor of Baratie (Ocean-Going Resturant)Propreietor of Baratie (Ocean-Going Resturant)
"A chef must feed his customers.""A chef must feed his customers."
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Chef Zeff

Zeff was a captain of the pirate cooks. He had been to the grand line. When he got back from the grand line, he pillage a ship that had nine year Sanji. Zeff saved Sanji during a storm that is mentioned in volume seven. When the storm was over, Zeff was on a rock with Sanji, and he had two bags. The small bag had food, and the other bag had treasure (Sanji doesn't know 70 days later.)

In the manga, Zeff had ate his foot during this time, however in the anime he did not because Zeff lost his leg while he was rescuing Sanji. Zeff's pirate days are over, but he tells Sanji, "If only there was a restaurant smack in the middle of the ocean. That's right... If I get off this rock alive I'm gonna build it if it's the last thing I ever do."

When Zeff and Sanji got rescued, he built his restaurant, and he called it Baratie. Zeff calls Sanji "Baby eggplant" in the manga, and in the TV show Zeff calls Sanji "stringbean". Zeff hires Patty, Carne, and other cooks who had no where else to go.

Zeff used to have buss boys, but they went overboard, and Zeff has a wooden leg. The roof gets wrecked by Luffy, and he gives him the choice of working at the Baratie for one year or leaving him a leg. He also gives Don Krieg one hundred rations of food for his crew because he has gone weeks without food before. Also, he makes another deal with Luffy because he said, "If you stayed a whole year, my ship would be a wreck." In the end, Zeff says good-bye to Sanji when he leaves with Luffy after he pretended to say that his soup was terrible.

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