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Princess MononokeMononoke Hime (もののけ姫) ("Princess Mononoke")Princess Mononoke
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Princess Mononoke
1 movie (135 minutes)1 movie (135 minutes)
1998 [1997]
Miramax [Tokuma Group/Nihon Television/Dentsu/Studio Ghibli]
Tokuma Yasuyoshi
Hiyao Miyazaki
Hiyao Miyazaki
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Characters: Princess Mononoke

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Forest Spirit Shishigami San San
Lady Eboshi Gozen Lady Eboshi Gozen Toki Toki
Monk Jigo Monk Jigo Gonza ⊕ Gonza ⊕
Moro Moro Hii ⊕ Hii ⊕
Prince Ashitaka Prince Ashitaka Kouroku ⊕ Kouroku ⊕

Description: Princess Mononoke

This is a tale that takes place in the Japan of lore, where the gods of nature walk the earth in the form of beasts, and where the progress of mankind threatens to topple the delicate balance that remains.

Ashitaka slays a boar god maddended a mysterious plague, but not before he himself becomes infected by the same plague. Searching for answers and a cure, he journeys west, where he encounters an industrial village that threatens the sanctity of a sacred forest watched over by wolf gods.

He also encounters a girl, San, and learns that she goes by another name: Princess Mononoke [Mononoke Hime]. She stands with the wolf gods in the fight against the villagers. Now, Ashitaka must choose sides in this rapidly-escalating war... and he must decide soon, for even now the plague continues to ravage him. Can this war explain the plague... and provide a cure?

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