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Blu-ray Review: Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

I know I saw the original Dragonheart, but I really don't remember it all that well. I may or may not have seen the sequel, but if I did have no absolutely no memory of it. I didn't even remember there was a sequel, but this new one is Dragonheart 3. For a direct-to-video movie, it's not terrible. I've seen way worse SyFy channel movies. The CG dragon was pretty well done, much better than I was expecting. The sets and environments also felt realistic, although some of the acting did not. The main cast was okay, but some of the minor characters really felt like they were just actors.

The story here follows a guy named Gareth who worked hard his whole life to become a knight, and then one day before is to become knighted he shows mercy during a tax collection mission and his commander, Sir Horsa, kicks him out telling him he will need to buy his knighthood. Then what looks to be a meteorite falls to earth and so Gareth heads out to find it, hopeful that it contains rich minerals. Of course it had to be on the other side of "the wall" where "savages" live.

On his journey he meets a tough but beautiful archer girl named Rhonu , a starry-eyed wizard-in-training, and of course a dragon. After Gareth shows courage in helping out the dragon, the two become spiritually bound together such that they can each feel each other's pain. This also has the side effect of allowing the dragon to talk. From here his mission begins to change, and he must discover the true meaning of the old code of knights and defeat an evil sorcerer.

It was kind of a generic story, but it held my interest. I liked how they made the dragon ghostly in the light, which is something I hadn't seen before. The dragon really did look good for a straight-to-video release, so I was quite impressed by that. There were a few awkward scenes in the movie that just didn't feel right. A major one has to do with shadow jumping, which seemed to come out of nowhere. It was supposed to add a bit of lighthearted comedy, and I think it could if it was set up better.

Bringing Drago to Live is the sole bonus feature, and it's only about four minutes long. It's a behind the scenes look at Ben Kingsly providing the voice for the dragon along with some animatics and test-CG animation.

In summary, the CG work is great considering it's not a big budget movie, but the plot and characters were nothing special. The lack of potential special features makes this an average release of an average movie that could be worth a rental.

Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD) was released by Universal Studios on DVD starting February 24, 2015.

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