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Regular Show got its own movie! It's a straight-to-television movie but still, a feature length film! Well, at an hour and eight minutes it's not quite feature length, but it's a lot longer than they typical 11 minute long episodes. And we get extra features such as a full length audio commentary, deleted animatics, movie animatics, the original board pitch, concept art, and more.

If you're unfamiliar with Regular Show, it's basically about two best friend slackers, Modecai and Rigby, who work at a park and get into all sorts of weird misadventures. And this movie has a doozy of an adventure! It starts off in the future with Rigby and the rest of the park employees, minus Mordecai, looking like a bunch of badasses. They fly a couple of spaceships to infiltrate what looks to be a space station, then fight their way all the way through to a chamber containing the temporal crystal which they attempt to destroy but are stopped by Mordecai and his army. It seems something happened in the past which not only caused Mordecai and Rigby to become enemies, but caused a time-nado which a guy named Mr. Ross is harnessing and using to suck up Earth's timeline until nothing is left. Failing to destroy the temporal crystal, Rigby goes back in time to stop it but gets shot and winds up in the present where he tells everyone that they most go back in time to fix everything.

It's a wacky plot, with one lie from Rigby ultimately causing the universe to be in mortal danger, but just like all Regular Show episodes it's entertaining and funny and full of references to iconic movies and TV shows. Seeing the characters as badass rangers is awesome, as is seeing Mordecai and Rigby as awkward teenagers. This movie puts Modecai and Rigby's friendship to the test and pushing it to its breaking point which gives it more of an emotional impact than most episodes. If you're a fan of the show like my wife and me then you'll definitely enjoy this movie. I doubt it will convert non-fans since it's so similar to the show, but we really enjoyed it.

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