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DVD Review: The Amazing Screw-on Head

The Amazing Screw-On Head... have you ever heard such a weird title for a character? Well then, just wait until you learn who he is! The Amazing Screw-On Head was a comic developed by Mike Mignola (the dude who created Hellboy) where the main character is a sentient mechanical head that screws itself into various mechanical bodies and fights evil zombies, vampires, and other supernatural creatures back in the days of President Lincoln. And now this comic has been brought to DVD....

The evil Emperor Zombie, at one time he used to be Screw-On Head's man-servant, but now he's pure evil. His minions, including an old grandma that packs more heat than Rambo, a lovely lady/giant werewolf, and... a monkey, raid a museum and to capture a document and the only professor who could possible translate it. Supposedly the contents of this document will somehow help him destroy all life on Earth!

So when President Abraham Lincoln learns of this, he has little choice but to call upon Screw-On Head, his top-secret super-spy. Think James Bond meets Indiana Jones meets a robotic disembodied head. Yeah, a top-notch super agent who can take on the toughest of challenges. Luckily, he, too, has a team of minions: his newest manservant, Groin, and his stuffed-yet-somehow-alive dog, Mr. Dog. Okay then! But where to start looking for Emperor Zombie....

Screw-On Head and company decide to seek out Screw-On Head's old love, Vampire Queen Patience. Um, they were in love before she became a vampire queen, not after. And now she hates him because as got carried away to be turned into the undead being she now is, all Screw-On Head could do was lay there and watch it happen (as he had no body at the time). Anyway, surly she knows where to find Emperor Zombie... but alas, she's not willing to give up the info that easily. It's going to take a little... persuasion.

Will Screw-On Head and his team be able to make her talk and catch up with Emperor Zombie before he unleashes whatever it is he is going to unleash? Only one way to find out! Er... aside from asking someone else what happened... or going to read the comic. And speaking of the comic, the art style in this looks extremely close to that of the comic, which is certainly some kind of unique. So yeah, the art style, the writing, and the voice acting are all great.

This is definitely one weird show. But is it funny? Absolutely! Yeah, it's a weird kinda humor, though. I dunno, kinda hard to explain. But it was also kind of disappointing, because it was way, way too short at only just over 20 minutes long. I wanted to see more, much more! Apparently it was developed as a pilot for a TV show but didn't get picked up as a series. I don't understand why not, but I do then understand why it's only a single 22 minute episode. The DVD also contains a making-of featurette and an audio commentary, which helps pad out the disc, but still, I wanted more entertainment. Guess I'm just too used to getting at least 2 hours worth off of DVDs.

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