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Anime Profile: Rideback

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rideback Raidobakku(ラむドバック) Rideback
12 TV episodes 12 TV episodes
June 28, 2011 January 2009–March 2009
FUNimation Shogakukan, Madhouse Studios, Geneon Universal, AT-X, Chiba TV
  Tetsuro Kasahara(カァハラ テツロー)
  Atsushi Takahashi(ι«˜ζ©‹ 敦史)
Drama, Mecha Drama, Mecha
Dota Kawai Dota Kawai
· · ·
Haruki Hishida Haruki Hishida
· · ·
Kenji Ogata Kenji Ogata
· · ·
· · ·
Misawo Yokoyama Misawo Yokoyama
· · ·
Nanpu Kat Nanpu Kat
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Rideback

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Dota Kawai Dota Kawai Romanov Karenbach --?--
Haruki Hishida Haruki Hishida Shoko Uemura Shoko Uemura
Kenji Ogata Kenji Ogata Suzuri Uchida Suzuri Uchida
Kiefer --?-- Tamayo Kakaota Tamayo Kakaota
Misawo Yokoyama Misawo Yokoyama Tenshiro Okakura Tenshiro Okakura
Nanpu Kat Nanpu Kat Yuki Ogata Yuki Ogata
Rin Ogata Rin Ogata    

Anime Description: Rideback

After a severe ankle injury prematurely ends the promising ballet career of Rin Ogota, she enrolls in college. While there, she encounters a club dedicated to ridebacks – transformable mecha resembling motorcycles. She soon finds that her natural talents are perfectly suited to these machines, and enthusiastically becomes a member.

However, Rin soon finds herself enmeshed in a global conspiracy involving the ruling Global Government Plan (GGP), and the radical Borderless Military Alliance (BMA). At the same time, Rin discovers some startling secrets involving her rideback Fuego... that it is of a special design!

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