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Character Profile: Captain Henry J. Gloval

USA Info
Japanese Info
Captain Henry J. GlovalBruno J. GlobalCaptain Henry J. Gloval (Robotech)
46 years old46 years old
6'4"194 cm
187 lbs85 kg
Captain of the SDF-1Captain of the SDF-1
Guy Garrett
Robotech (Macross Saga)Choujiku Yousai Macross

Character Description: Captain Henry J. Gloval

The RDF's finest skipper, Earth couldn't have asked for a more capable person to command the SDF-1 than Henryk Jozef Glovalsky (per cannon spelling).

Born to a Russian father and a Lithuanian mother, he distinguished himself as both surface vessels and submarines During the Global Civil War and was highly regarded by friend and foe alike, key among them Donald Hayes, USN. When ordered to deter Internationalist efforts to stabilize the Asian theater, Gloval and the crew of his nuclear submarine, the MINSK, were the first humans to arrive on the crash site during the extraordinary arrival of the alien battle fortress. Gloval defied orders and allowed an international team of experts to investigate the wreckage, due to the fact that he did not believe (correctly, as it would latter be revealed) that his own government would not be able to control the site. This helped to broker an international ceasefire, and eventually helped lead to the formation of the United Earth Government.

Gloval was the unanimous, and most agree only, choice of to oversee the 10-year program to reconstruct the alien battle fortress, and consequently it was only natural that Gloval was appointed as commander of the SDF-1.

It was Gloval's leadership, clarity of thought, steadfastness, courage under fire (both from uncivil Zentraedi weapons and "civilized" Humans who sought to destroy the SDF-1 to preserve the false peace of Earth), and almost supernatural calm that found the SDF-1's way home after the disastrous spacefold accident (based on incomplete research from Argentina-based scientists), and he became the SDF-1 family's father figure (next to Minmei's appearance as their mother).

Gloval is the man responsible for getting the crew of the SDF-1 back home to Earth after a spacefold gone wrong.

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