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Character Profile: Cordelia

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cordelia Cordelia(コーディリア) Cordelia (Romeo X Juliet)
Human Human
Female Female
18 years old 18 years old
Blond Blond
Brown Brown
  Miyu Matsuki
Episode 1 Episode 1
Romeo X Juliet Romeo X Juliet

Character Description: Cordelia

Cordelia is the childhood friend of Juliet Capulet. She is first seen as a child (about 4 years old) walking threw the halls with a 2 year old Juliet telling her not to cry and that they'd be at her mother's room soon enough. When they do get to Juliet's mother's room though they see Juliet's father being murdered by Lord Montague. After Juliet cries out they both run off after Lord Montague orders his men to kill them both. As Cordelia and Juliet run they are saved by a man named Conrad.

The next time Cordelia is seen is 14 years later (about 18 now) shopping in the local town market. Then while she's shopping Juliet, who is dressed as the Red Whirlwind grabs her hand and runs off with Cordelia as Cordelia cries out 'why am I always being dragged into your problems?!'

When Juliet comes back from the Montague Rose Ball Juliet scolded by Cordelia when she sees that Juliet is wearing her noble dress by saying 'she should know she isn't allowed to wear that!'

Cordelia catches Juliet many times trying to cut off her long, beautiful red hair. When Cordelia asks her why she's trying to cut it off all the time Juliet says that 'This side of her is weak.'

In a way Cordelia is like a nanny to Juliet, but unlike William Shakespeare's version of Romeo and Juliet, Cordelia is more like a best friend.

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