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Juliet CapuletJuliet Capulet (ジュリエット)Juliet Capulet (Romeo X Juliet)
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Red WhirlwindRed Whirlwind
16 years old16 years old
Fumie Mizusawa
Episode 1Episode 1
Romeo X JulietRomeo X Juliet

Character Description: Juliet Capulet

Juliet is the last remaining Capulet in this story of 'star-crossed' lovers. Her entire family was killed by the Montagues under the Lord Montague's order.

Just like in Wlliam Shakespear's version of Romeo and Juliet everything is pretty much the same except for a few differences.

This story takes place in a city called Neo Verona, you first meet Juliet in episode as a 2 year old child who is walking threw the halls of the Capulet palace with her childhood friend Cordelia looking for her mother. When they come across a room they see Juliet's father, Lord Capulet being murdered. Juliet cries out and Lord Montague hears her and orders his men to kill Juliet and Cordelia. As the two friends run a man named Conrad comes and saves Lady Juliet.

The next time you see Juliet is 14 years later, but not dressed as a noble but as one of her aliases, the Red Whirlwind. As the Red Whirlwind she is not a women but a man. Same with her other alias, Odin. The reason she poses as a man is to stay hidden from the Montague's.

Later on in episode one, she is invited by one of her friends to the Rose Ball which is being held by the Montague's in the old Capulet palace! For once Juliet takes this as a chance to toss her boy clothing and personality to the side and go as herself. At the Rose Ball she realizes she's been in this place before and sees herself as a child with her father and runs out. She sits over by the fountain lifting a white flower out of the water, a flower which she loves. Then out of no where Romeo appears behind her and asks her if 'everything is alright.' This is the first true meeting of the two lovers.

Once Juliet gets back to where she is hiding with her friends, Cordelia, Francisco, Curio, Conrad, and Antonio, she wants to know more about her past but knows she won't be able to find out till the day after the Rose Ball which isa her 16th birthday.

On her 16th birthday many of her friends, like Antonio find out she is not a man but a women. She is also given the Sword of the Capulet's by Conrad. This sword was also her father's. She is asked to lead the Resistance against the Montague's and get back what was taken from the Capulet's and make it hers again. It takes her a while but she finally agrees.

Many times Cordelia finds Juliet in her room trying to cut off her long, beautiful hair. When Cordelia asks her why she's doing this Juliet responds with 'This side of me is weak.' The reason she says this is because she is unable to kill or just can't bring herself to do it.

In episode 9 though for the very first time she does kill a man working for the Montague's who has busted into the Capulet Resistance with other men working for the Montague's trying to kill them. When Juliet kills this man she drops her sword and falls to her knees unable to believe she killed him.

Also in episode 9 she agrees to kill Lord Montague to end this feud between the two families and Juliet agrees to kill him. When she is brought down a hidden stairwell to meet an ally of Juliet's, Tybalt he says she's too weak to kill Lord Montague and Juliet runs off and collapses only to be saved by Romeo's mother!

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