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Fresh Made JapanYakitate!! Japan (η„ΌγγŸγ¦!!ジャぱん)Fresh Made Japan
? TV episodes
Oct. 12, 2004
Sunrise/TV Tokyo
Takashi Hashiguchi
Yasunao Aoki
Action, Adventure, Comedy, DramaAction, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Azuma Kazuma βŠ•Azuma Kazuma (voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi) βŠ•
· · ·
Baa-chan βŠ•Baa-chan (voiced by Roko Takizawa) βŠ•
· · ·
Bakery Man βŠ•Bakery Man (voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki) βŠ•
· · ·
Examinee βŠ•Examinee (voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka) βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: Fresh Made Japan

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Azuma Kazuma βŠ• Azuma Kazuma (voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi) βŠ• Kai Suwabara βŠ• Kai Suwabara (voiced by Takayuki Sakatsume) βŠ•
Baa-chan βŠ• Baa-chan (voiced by Roko Takizawa) βŠ• Ken Matsushiro βŠ• Ken Matsushiro (voiced by Hiroki Touchi) βŠ•
Bakery Man βŠ• Bakery Man (voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki) βŠ• Kyousuke Kawachi βŠ• Kyousuke Kawachi (voiced by Shuuhei Sakaguchi) βŠ•
Examinee βŠ• Examinee (voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka) βŠ• Maisuta Kirisaki βŠ• Maisuta Kirisaki (voiced by Sho Hayami) βŠ•
Examinee βŠ• Examinee (voiced by Daisuke Ono) βŠ• Ryou Koruyanagi βŠ• Ryou Koruyanagi (voiced by Takehito Koyasu) βŠ•
Examinee βŠ• Examinee (voiced by Takayuki Nezu) βŠ• Shigeru Kanmuri βŠ• Shigeru Kanmuri (voiced by Marina Inoue) βŠ•
Hieko βŠ• Hieko (voiced by Sayuri Sadaoka) βŠ• Tsukino Azusagawa βŠ• Tsukino Azusagawa (voiced by Chihiro Otsuka) βŠ•
Inaho βŠ• Inaho (voiced by Rei Saitou) βŠ• Umatarou βŠ• Umatarou (voiced by Yuuichi Nagashima) βŠ•
Kageto Kinoshita βŠ• Kageto Kinoshita (voiced by Setsuji Satoh) βŠ• Yukino Azusagawa βŠ• Yukino Azusagawa (voiced by Atsuko Yuya) βŠ•

Description: Fresh Made Japan

Azuma Kazuma plans on showing his bread creation; "Ja-pan" to the people of the Pantasia store. Which, he got his influence by watching a baker when he was about 6 years old. He also has those "Solar Hands". Azuma Kazuma's palms are said to be more warmer then those of regular people.

He goes to compete against other people (some may be his own comrades), and along the way he meets up with people that'll support him as well, such as Kawachi Kyosuke, Tsukino Azusagawa, and manager of the southern Pantasia store, Ken Matsushiro.

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