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Character Profile: Romeo Montague

USA Info
Japanese Info
Romeo Montague Romeo Montague(ロミオ) Romeo Montague (Romeo X Juliet)
Human Human
Male Male
16 years old 16 years old
Blue Blue
Teal Teal
  Takahiro Mizushima
Episode 1 Episode 1
Romeo X Juliet Romeo X Juliet

Character Description: Romeo Montague

Romeo Montague is the son of Lord Montague, the very one who murdered Juliet's family. Romeo doesn't really remember his mother since she fled the Montague family since she didn't agree with the rules.

Since Romeo is a noble he owns his own flying horse. The first time Romeo is seen is when he is sitting with one of his childhood friends, drinking tea together.

Romeo is later seen at the Rose Ball where he meets Juliet who he later falls in love with! But in addition to Juliet there is another women who is a noble and is the women his father wants him to marry. Romeo likes her but he doesn't love her the way he loves Juliet.

At an engagement party for him and the women his father wants him to wed, Romeo takes off on his flying horse. As he flies around the skies of Neo Verona, he looks for Juliet. When he spots Juliet he fears he'll never be able to love her the way he wishes to when he sees her in the arms of another man, Tybalt. He gains his hope back though after he and Juliet speak to each other. At this meeting the two finally kiss!

One night Romeo goes to Juliet's home and declares his love for her and says he is willing to give up his name just to be with her.

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