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Character Profile: Anubis

USA Info
Japanese Info
Anubis Shuten Doji Anubis (Ronin Warriors)
· · ·
  Shiten Doji(alternate spelling)
  Koma Toshitada
· · ·
Orge(Anubis' nickname when in armor)  
· · ·
Warlord of Cruelty Warlord of Demons
· · ·
The Ancient One  
Human/demon? Human/demon?
Male Male
438 years old(appears 17)(born May 5, 1551) 438 years old(appears 17)(born May 5, 1551)
Auburn Auburn
Blue Blue
About 5'8" 173 cm
148 lbs 67 kg
Type A Type A
Dark Warlord  
"Quake with fear!" "Ko rai sei!"
Paul Dobson Kiyoyuki Yanada
Ronin Warriors Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Character Description: Anubis

Anubis was the leader of Talpa's Dark Warlords, wearing the Ogre-armor of Cruelty (Armor of Demons in the Japanese version). Egomaniacal and very dangerous, he gradually comes to respect the Ronin Warriors and simultaneously begans to doubt the wisdom of Talpa's plans for humanity. The other Dark Warlords, who fear Anubis' great power, do not trust him. Eventually this mutual distrust leads to a schism, and Anubis defects from Talpa's services, and is seemingly killed as a result when Talpa was fully resurrected.

But in truth, Anubis was saved by The Ancient and became his successor of the the power of The Ancient, shedding his armor and reappearing in the mortal world to help the Ronin Warriors defeat Talpa (as both a priest and the Ogre). Gradually, the Ronin Warriors discover in Anubis an honorable warrior who now is as loyal a friend as he was a fearsome enemy. Later, Anubis was mortally injured when he saved The Ancient's descendant, Kayura, from Banaomon's possession. But before he died, he gave Kayura his Warlord armor.

Anubis' Age

I was told that Anubis was 438 years old, born in 1551, however someone else pointed out that there is an episode where the Ancient/Kaos says that Talpa/Arago has been controlling Anubis for over a thousand years. This could be dialog that was changed from the original, or the age of 438 could simply be wrong, seeing as how I don't have a source for it. If you can provide more information, please contact me.

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