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Character Profile: Lady Kayura

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lady Kayura Lady Kayura Lady Kayura (Ronin Warriors)
Demon Princess  
Human/demon? Human/demon?
Female Female
429 years old(appears 17 years)(born December 12, 1559) 429 years old(appears 17 years)(born December 12, 1559)
Dark blue Dark blue
Dark blue Dark blue
About 5'6" About 168 cm
Type A Type A
Talpa's female warrior Arago's female warrior
"Are you boys coming peacefully, or do I have to beat you into submission?"  
Jane Perry Katsuki Masako
Ronin Warriors Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

Character Description: Lady Kayura

Lady Kayura is a decendent of The Ancient. When Talpa destroyed The Ancient's clan, he found a little girl and raised her in his evil. She nearly succeded in capturing the Ronins (even the Dark Warlords were jealous).

Kayura can't stand the light and sound of The Ancient's staff and the sound of the Armor of Inferno. When she battled Anubis in the Netherworld, he learned the staff would drive her back but would not harm her because she was one of The Ancient's clan.

Then she fought against the Armor of Inferno. Ryo managed to slice off the amulet that made her loyal to Talpa. After that, Kayura was free, yet Ryo was ready to strike her, but Anubis saved her. Before Kayura could tell them anything, Talpa had her brought back.

Without the amulet to keep her under control, the truth begins to come back to Kayura. Faced with a possible rebellion at such a critical time, Talpa orders Banamon, lord of the nether spirits, to personally possess Kayura so she'd be once again under Talpa's control. As Anubis faces her again, he comes to realize what's happened to her, but he's unable to snap Kayura around while Banaomon possesses her, and he takes a beating. At the last minute, though, he comes up with a solution. In a desperate move, he transfers his armor to her. Banamon can't maintain the possession because of the purified soul of loyalty infused in the armor, and Kayura is finally freed for good.

Kayura's freedom is the first in a series of events leading to Talpa's eventual downfall, and her cautionary words and the method by which she regained her freedom inspire Ryo to find a way to beat Talpa again.

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