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Anime Profile: Rumbling Hearts

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rumbling Hearts Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Rumbling Hearts
· · ·
14 TV episodes 14 TV episodes
  Oct 5, 2003–Jan 4,2004
Romance Romance
Akane Suzumiya Akane Suzumiya
· · ·
Ayu Daikuuji Ayu Daikuuji
· · ·
Haruka Suzumiya Haruka Suzumiya
· · ·
Mayu Tamano  
· · ·
Mitsuki Hayasae Mitsuki Hayasae
· · ·
Narumi Takayuki Narumi Takayuki
· · ·
Shinji Taira  

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Description: Rumbling Hearts

This story is about three high school friends. Their lives changed when one of them, Suzumiya Haruka, is involved in a car accident. She slips into a coma for three years after the accident.

Takayuki Narumi, which was her boyfriend, goes into depression because he feels that it was his fault, being late for their date. But Mitsuki blames herself more, she likes Narumi and twice she had caused him to be late for Haruka's and his date, (second time resulting in the accident) unintentionally. It was her birthday that day, she spotted Narumi walking alone. Mitsuki decided to ask him to buy a ring for her from a roadside stall. She took a long time, as a result, Narumi being terribly late for his date. When Narumi got there, Haruka was knocked down by a car and was off to the hospital.

From that day, Narumi fell into depression, which got worse and worse as time went by. Mitsuki then took care of Narumi, still keeping her feelings for him suppressed. A year later, Mitsuki could no longer take it anymore and tells Narumi everything. It lead into them having sex that night, before they started dating. Mitsuki also started living together with Narumi in his small apartment.

Three years later, Haruka wakes up. Akane called Narumi to tell him that Haruka has woken up and wishes to see Narumi terribly. Narumi becomes anxious and wondered how was he going to tell Haruka about his and Mitsuki's relationship. Mitsuki decides to go to the hospital with him. They ran into their teacher on the way to the ward and she tells them that Haruka has anterograde amnesia. She adds that they must not tell her that three years has passed since the accident. When Narumi sees Haruka sitting on her bed, looking ignorant and innocent, guilt took the better of him and he began to cry. Narumi now has to decide between Haruka and Mitsuki. The climax of the story is about the three characters' suffering because of this predicament.

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