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Jin-E UdoJinei UdouJin-E Udo (Rurouni Kenshin)
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Jinei Udo (alternate spelling)
About 30 years oldAbout 30 years old
About 5'8"About 173 cm
About 150 lbsAbout 68 kg
"Die Insect!"
Dave MallowAkio Ohtsuka
Rurouni KenshinRurouni Kenshin

Character Description: Jin-E Udo

Kurogasa was once an man-slayer, and assassin, fighting in the revolution with the Shinsen Gumi. He was a terrible man that always wanted to stain his sword with blood just for the feeling of his own pleasure. He mastered the Shin-no-ippou style that can freeze the enemy. There are only two ways to break the Shin-no-ippou. The first is for the opponent to have stronger swordsman spirit, and the second is for the one who cast the Shin-no-ippou to die.

After the revolution, Kurogasa slayed many officials of the Meiji government. He would announce his targets before he would kill them, and he would always go through the police guards, the hired guards, and then his target. Until one night, when he met Kenshin with Sanosuke. On that day, he announced that he would not kill any more people of the Meiji government, but would kill Kenshin Himura whenever he became Battousai the Man Slayer. To get Kenshin angry enough to turn him back into the Battousai, Kurogasa captured Miss Kaoru.

The next day at midnight, Kurogasa had a man-slayer to man-slayer fight under the full moon. He tied up Miss Kaoru, and later cast a stronger version of the Shin-no-ippou which not only froze her, but paralyzed her lungs, giving Kenshin only five minutes to kill Kurogasa. This pushed Kenshin over his limit, and he turned back into his old self half-way. After Kenshin changed half-way back into his old self, Kurogasa had a trick up his sleeve. He cast the Shin-no-ippou on himself, which brought his power to the max. Then Kurogasa had his left arm broken by a double battoujutsu from the Battousai's sword and sheath. Now back in full Battousai, he was about to slay Kurogasa with his sword when Miss Kaoru broke free of the Shin-no-ippou and told Kenshin to stop.

Kurogasa grabbed his sword, snuck up behind Kenshin, and raised his sword. Kenshin, without turning around, told Jin-E to stand down. Jin-E knew that he was still defenseless against Kenshin, so with his sword raised up high, he stabbed himself. He then said his final words: (play clip)

No, it's not over yet. There is something else that I must do! (Runs himself through, and falls to the ground.) Don't look at me like that, Battousai. I much prefered the look in your eyes when you said you were going to kill me. Within every fiber of your being, you are truly a manslayer. I am also a manslayer, so I know of what I speak. A manslayer is a manslayer until the day he dies. He can never be anything else. I will be watching you from the edge of hell, to see how long you can keep saying you're a wanderer.

Kurogasa, not wanting to be beaten by Kenshin, and because he was ashamed that Kaouru had defeated his Shin-no-ippou, ended up slaying himself.

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