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Character Profile: Kamishimoemon Higashidani

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kamishimoemon HigashidaniKamishimoemon Higashidani (Rurouni Kenshin)
41 years old41 years old
Farmer near ShinshuFarmer near Shinshu
"You at least have the same name as my son"
Volume 26: A Man's Back (manga)Volume 26: A Man's Back (manga)
Rurouni KenshinRurouni Kenshin

Character Description: Kamishimoemon Higashidani

Kamishimoemon is a farmer near the town of Shinshu. He and his wife, Naname, had three children. The oldest child is named Sagara Sanosuke. Three years later Uki was born. He says that Uki would follow Sanosuke around, and she cried when Sanosuke joined the Sekiho army, saying she wanted to go. Uki also cried when they heard that the army disbanded. A few years later, his wife died from a bad cold after she gave birth to Ota.

Years later, he heard Uki complain that a person called her fore-half, and so Kamishimoemon wanted to meet him. He gets his wish when Fudosawa's men delivered him a letter. Sanosuke gets a surprise when he finds out that fore-half is his sister, Yuki, and "Apple Cheeks" is actually Ota, his brother. He fights Sanosuke for a while, but then goes back home to finish the hats since Fudosawa's men destroyed the farm.

Unfortunately, when he tries to sell hats (because his farm was destroyed), he couldn't because the store Fudosawa got the store owner with silk. He leaves the hats as an apology. Fudosawa has an uncle, and Sanosuke remembers seeing that "pork bun" from the Jin-E incident. That night, the store owner gave him the payment for the hats. Also Sanosuke came to the house. The townspeople want to help fight with him, Sanosuke said that all of them can't beat them, and he agrees with him. He starts a party, and gets drunk. He tries to have Ota drink in his place, but Uki is being protective.

After the party he goes to face Fudosawa's gang. Sanosuke knocks him out, and when he came to, he sees Ota ready to fight. Both of them were shocked when they saw 200 men defeated. Sanosuke and himself walked a bit, until Sanosuke decides to go back to Tokyo. Before Sanosuke leaves he tells apple cheeks:

Until your sister gets married and has a new family, try to be a good little brother for her. Once that happens, come out to Tokyo. Knock on the doors of a Kenjutsu Dojo called Kamiya Kasshin-ryu.

Editor’s Note:

I tried to get this description into as good of shape as possible, but it is still somewhat confusing. If you think you could re-write it so that it makes more sence, by all means please do and send it along.

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