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Blake BelladonnaBlake Belladonna (RWBY)
"Kitty" (by Roman Torchwick)
17 years old17 years old
Ember of Team RWBY, huntress-in-training, student of Beacon Academy, former member of White FangEmber of Team RWBY, huntress-in-training, student of Beacon Academy, former member of White Fang
"With all due respect, you need to start taking some larger strides. Until then, I'd rather avoid any unnecessary attention. I want people to see me for who I am, not what I am."
Arryn ZechYu Shimamura (嶋村 侑)
"Black Trailer""Black Trailer"

Character Description: Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna is a Faunus; a humanoid born with animal features. In Blake's case, she was born with cat-like ears on the top of her head, even though she has normal human ears. As a result of this, Blake has often felt the sting of human bigotry and was looked upon as inferior to humans. Because of this, at a young age Blake became a member of the White Fang, which at the time was an advocacy group protesting human discrimination – and especially protesting the Schnee Dust Company, who utilized cheap Faunus labor in the dangerous mining of Dust. Whenever a protest or boycott occurred, Blake was there at the forefront, standing-up for her Faunus brethren.

However, everything changed when Adam Taurus became the new leader of the White Fang and began using terrorist methods to achieve their goals. Blake, a childhood friend of Adam, at first went along, but soon became horrified that Adam was willing to injure and/or kill humans to find their goals and left the White Fang as a result.

Hoping to make a clean break with her past, Blake – disguising her cat ears with a hair bow - enrolled into Beacon Academy, where she seeks to become a huntress. But even there, it was awkward. She was, at first, openly hostile to Weiss Schnee, remembering how her father treated her fellow Faunus, but was able to have a friendly relationship with her.

Blake's Semblance also disturbs her; she's able to leave shadow clones of herself behind, which she uses to distract or retreat... and retreating what disturbs her. In her mind, she is always walking away from things, be it the White Fang, or during battle with Grimm. But in the later chapters, Weiss had given her a vial of Fire Dust, which allowed her to use her shadow clones as weapons. Her usual weapon is called Gambol Shroud, a combination sword/hand gun, with a scabbard that she can use for attack as well. Her Faunus nature also gives her cat-like reflexes, with the ability to jump and roll during battle. She is also partnered with Yang.

Being a loner for most of her life, Blake doesn't seem to make friends well. Having seen and experiencing discrimination often makes her a skeptic about the world at large, but is willing to positively fight until the day humans and Faunus could stand as equals. Even so, she continues to hide her Faunus nature, the only ones knowing of it are her teammates, Team JNPR, Professors Ozpin and Oobleck at Beacon, Sun and Neptune... and unfortunately Roman Torchwick. Also, because of her Faunus nature, she is afraid of dogs – a complication when Ruby and Yang's pet dog Zwei comes to stay with them at Beacon!

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