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Character Profile: Jaune Arc

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jaune Arc   Jaune Arc (RWBY)
Vomit Boy(by Ruby)  
· · ·
Jauney Boy(by Cardin)  
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old 17 years old
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
6'1" 185 cm
Student, hunter-in-training, leader of Team JNPR, partner of Pyrrah Nikos Student, hunter-in-training, leader of Team JNPR, partner of Pyrrah Nikos
"Well the name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it."  
Miles Luna Hiro Shimoto(下野 紘)
Episode 1, "Ruby Rose" Episode 1, "Ruby Rose"

Character Description: Jaune Arc

Jaune Arc is a young boy covered by a long shadow. His great-great-great grandfather had been a great soldier during the Great War over 80 years past, and he dearly wishes to surpass that effort. The problem – Jaune is also clumsy, socially awkward, suffers from motion sickness, and has abysmal combat skills. Any of these would've prevented any youth from entering Beacon Academy. However, Jaune had forged his transcripts, so his application was accepted.

Somehow, Jaune was able to succeed in the initiation into Beacon, where he was partnered with Pyrrha Nikos, who he would later confess to her that he forged his transcripts. During a particularly hectic battle with two Grimms – a Death Stalker and a Nevermore, he demonstrated natural leadership skills, as well as a clear strategic mind. Afterwards, much to his surprise, he was made leader of Team JNPR.

Jaune apparently doesn't seem to possess any sign of a Semblance, but Pyrrha was able to unlock his Aura by using hers. It turns out that Jaune's Aura is very powerful, and gives him the ability of regenerating any wound he suffers. However, his poor combat skills hinder him greatly, but Pyrrha is secretly tutoring him in improving them, and he's quick to defend his team whenever they're in trouble. He's also particularly fond of Weiss, but she hasn't returned his affection.

His sword, Crocea Mors, is a hand-me-down from his great-great-great grandfather. It has no special features onto itself; just a very serviceable broadsword, but the scabbard can unfold to become a shield.

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