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Blue JessePeriosBlue Jesse (Saber Riders and the Star Sheriffs)
About 20 yearsAbout 20 years
About 6'0"About 183 cm
About 160 lbsAbout 72.6 kg
Star Sheriff Cadet, Outrider head of operationsStar Sheriff Cadet, Outrider head of operations
"...yes, but will you take me back?" (translated from German)
Saber Riders and the Star SheriffsSei Jushi Bismarck

Character Description: Blue Jesse

Jesse blue was the pride of the Star Sherrif Cadet Training Center, commanded by General White Hawk. He was a very promising Cadet, and was planed to go on and lead another group of Star Sheriffs in combat against the Outriders. For better preparation of the Cadets, the four original Star Sheriffs visited White Hawk at the training base and started giving lessons to the cadets. April was assigned to the martial arts course, and there met Jesse for the first time. As the best of the class, he and April fought in a mock battle; neither one was able to defeat the other. It was at this time that Jesse fell in love with April. While she ignores his feeling and attempts to get closer to her, he is constantly more and more agonized by her rejection.

The situation escalates when Jesse approaches April while she is alone in a hallway during a celebration. He tries to force himself on her, but she (for the first time) is able to get the upper hand on him and tosses him against the wall. Due to some eavesdroppers, the whole scene is witnessed by the other cadets and faculty. His actions cause a scandal and he is rejected from the Star Sherrif program. He said that he would quit anyway.

He is gone for a few days, then reappears to talk with April. April explains to him that White Hawk is willing to grant him a pardon and accept him back into the program. After he asks her if she'll accept him, too, and she tells him she can't, he leaves for good and meets up with some bandits on the planet. Along with these bandits be attacks the training facility. Thus begins his criminal record. Though he manages to escape, and thereby almost destroying Ramrod, the rest of the bandits are arrested. Due to Ramrod's crash, he escapes. He then meets up with the Outriders, who are willing to accept him for his insider knowledge.

Jesse Blue is a very self-centered person. He manipulates people for his own personal gain, betrays and lies to get ahead, and views others as only things to toy with. He is also jealous of Saber and more so of Fireball because of April's affection for them.

As a final act of betrayal, he tries to gain control of the Outrider planet, and doesn't give up even though he knows it is impossible.

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