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NemesisHyuzaNemesis (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs)
Cyborg (originally an Outrider)Cyborg (originally an Outrider)
About 8'0"About 244 cm
Leader of the Outriders
"Ohhhhh, you're boring me." (translated from German)
Saber Rider and the Star SheriffsSei Jushi Bismarck

Character Description: Nemesis

When you see him physically, he is this very tall cloaked gloomy figure with a skull-of-a-bull-like robotic face - sort of like Darth Vader - but even that doesn't happen so often. Throughout the series, only very few things about him are revealed... he's just always the guy every Outrider obeys and has to obey, or even fear. He never really commands any battles directly (he's got his aces like Gattler and Vanquoo), thus you only see him when he sits on his throne and tells his soldiers to do this or that. He seems witty on the one side, but also quite impatient and bored of his lame people on the other side. But... that's only what you get to know before you see the final few episodes.

Nemesis isn't really a regular Outrider anymore. As he is trapped in his base on Uma and the Cavalry are winning the battle, everyone is kind of surprised that he doesn't want to leave this base. So, he tells everyone the true story: He lost his body in a battle against the human race, and now his brain is built into the Triton Matter, a mysterious tower and source of enormous energy on the Outrider planet. What a shock for the humans! Now everybody knows that you can't kill him by destroying this mysterious dark guy I described first - he might have a countless number of these identical cyborg models! So, he's nothing more than a computer with a human core - that explains his boredom! And he's controlling a whole lot of energy nobody knows the origin of - and even Jesse Blue isn't able to switch him off! Mysterious... he seems invincible. So, he can in the end only be destroyed by the explosion of the Outrider planet. After all Nemesis is a perfect leader of the evil, especially resprecting his dark appearance (as described above), mysterious, powerful, cool, Emperor/Darth Vader mixture, kind of, but with far more cynism!

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