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Character Profile: Princess Fireball

USA Info
Japanese Info
Princess FireballKakyuu-Hime ("Princess Fireball")Princess Fireball (Sailor Moon)
18 years old (born October 2)18 years old (born October 2)
Princess of KinmokuPrincess of Kinmoku
"We still have hope, as long as we have the Light of Hope that the legendary Sailor Senshi left. I came to this planet secretly to find that power."
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Character Description: Princess Fireball

Princess Kakyuu is the princess that the Starlights are looking for in the Sailor Moon series "Sailor Moon Sailor Stars." She first appears in episode 193. She isn't around for long; in episode 195, her star seed is taken from Galaxia and she dies. She re-appears in the last episode of the series after Sailor Moon defeats Chaos.

Princess Fireball (Sailor Moon) Princess Kakyuu comes to Earth after her planet, Kinmoku, is destroyed by Galaxia. She comes to Earth in search of the person who is the holder of the light of hope. With the light of hope, the galaxy can be saved from Chaos (who at the time is possessing Sailor Galaxia). Princess Kakyuu protects the Starlights from Galaxia's attack, but her star seed is taken. She gives the senshi some information about Galaxia before she dies, which helps them to somewhat understand what is going on.

The manga version is basically the same as the anime version. There are a few differences though. First, Princess Kakyuu becomes the sailor senshi (solider): Sailor Kakyuu. Princess Kakyuu transformed into a Senshi when Sailor Star Fighter, Maker, and Healer were killed by Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi. She has two attacks as Sailor Kakyuu. The first is Starlights Royal Straight Flush, where Kakyuu shouts then and hurls five cards at her adversaries, damaging them when they connect. And the second is Kinmoku Fusion Tempest, where Kakyuu concentrates and shouts to create a hurrican of flowers to blind and confuse her adversaries. Sailor Kakyuu doesn't stay around for long; she is killed by Sailor Chi. Sailor Moon gets so angry that she kills the senshi who killed Princess Kakyuu.

Princess Kakyuu did love someone as Usagi loves Mamoru. Sadly though, he was killed by Galaxia right in front of her, as was the rest of her kingdom.

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