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Queen NeheleniaQueen Nehelenia (ε₯³ηŽ‹γƒγƒ˜γƒ¬γƒ‹γ‚’)Queen Nehelenia (Sailor Moon)
Black (with a feline look)Black (with a feline look)
Queen of the Dark MoonQueen of the Dead Moon
Yoshiko Sakakibara
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S

Character Description: Queen Nehelenia

Once, long ago, there had been another moon besides the White Moon that celebrated the Silver Millennium. It was ruled by Queen Nehelenia, a queen reputed for her stories and (more importantly) for her incomparable beauty. On an innocent whim, she wondered whether her beauty would last forever... but the answer that came back from her magic mirror changed her life forever. She learned that she would become an old hag. At the same time, she hears three statements over and over again: "Never doubt the power of innocent dreamers. Never doubt the dreams of innocent children. Never doubt your worst nightmare." It was then that Nehelenia changed from the innocent queen into the wicked queen we are more familiar with.

Her royal subjects were willing to follow her every whim... even when it came to relinquishing their dreams so that she may remain young. In the process of maintining her youth, she created the Remlus [Lemure], the ghosts of shadow that would soon compose the Dark Moon Circus.

She began to resent the light and peace of the White Moon... and she soon learned of a possible way to eclipse it. She learned of Elysion, of Helios, and of the Golden Crystal. However, when she tried to woo the Crystal from Helios, she learned of its ability to protect itself with sacred flame. Infuriated, she kidnapped Helios and imprisoned him within her palace. In retaliation, Queen Serenity imprisoned her on the other side of her magic mirror and sent the mirror to the far side of the Dark Moon, locked in slumber. In the process, though, Helios was caught in the wake and sealed also.

But then, the spirit of Helios escaped into a dream, and her chance of gaining the Golden Crystal she needs to free herself went with it.

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