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Character Profile: Helios

USA Info
Japanese Info
Helios Eriosu(エリオス) Helios (Sailor Moon)
Helios (Sailor Moon)
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  Elios(alternate spelling)
Human?/pegasus Human?/pegasus
Male Male
Unknown(appears 15 years) Unknown(appears 15 years)
Blue-white Blue-white
Brown Brown
Guardian of the Golden Crystal  
Robert Bockstael Taiki Matsuno
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S

Character Description: Helios

Helios comes from the hidden dream realm of Elysion. He is the Guardian of the Golden Crystal and protector of dreams. However, Queen Nehelenia, in an effort to thwart the White Moon and the Silver Millennium, tried to get the crystal. When Helios refused, Nehelenia took him captive.

But one night, many years later as he hung there bound and helpless, a dream light shone on him. It was the light of an incredibly beautiful dream. Empowered by the light, Helios' spirit was able to escape his prison. Taking the form of Pegasus, he flew away to meet the keeper of that light: Rini.

Pegasus promises to help Rini whenever he can, and he gives her a Crystal Chime [Crystal Carillon] that can be used to summon him. Over time, he grants all the Sailor Soldiers new powers. In the meantime, the secret relationship between Rini and Pegasus begins to grow as each eventually promises to help the other.

Character Description: Helios

Helios is the guardian of the golden crystal, protector of dreams, servant of King Darien, Priest of Illusion, and the love of Rini. He is around Crystal Tokyo and Silver Millennium, so he is about 1,000 years old! But of course Helios doesn't age. He is a bit shy and sensitive, and the only person he really knows is Rini.

He isn't sure who to trust and how much to tell people. He has to be careful because the treasure of the Illusion is very powerful, and thus can't talk too much about it. He only trusts Rini, but he gives Sailor Moon a wand. He keeps the golden crystal, which has unlimited power, in his horn. Well, whatever you think about him, I think Helios is pretty cute!

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