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Character Profile: Rini

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rini Chibiusa Rini (Sailor Moon)
Sailor Mini Moon Sailor Chibi Moon
· · ·
Small Lady Chibi-Usa
· · ·
Super Sailor Mini Moon Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Human Human
Female Female
5 years old(physically, in Season R), 8 years old(physically, in Season S and Super S)(born June 30) 5 years old(physically, in Season R), 8 years old(physically, in Season S and Super S)(born June 30)
Pink Pink
Red Red
About 3'5" About 104 cm
Type O Type O
Future princess Future princess
"I'm Sailor Chibi Moon. In the name of the future moon I will punish you!"  
Traci Hoyt, Stephanie Beard Araki Kae
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo and Costume Family.

Character Description: Rini

Rini is a adorable, curious little girl who turns out to be the future daughter of Serena and Darien (when they are the king and queen of Crystal Tokyo). In Sailor Moon R, she travels back from the future to find a special crystal. In Sailor Moon S she becomes Sailor Scout. The Super S is based on her.

Side Notes: In the manga, it's stated that Rini is 901 years old, but that she stopped aging at the age of five. This is never mentioned in the anime series. It's also stated that she begins aging again once she becomes a Sailor Scout.

Chibiusa's name is actually "Usagi", named after her mother. She is called Chibiusa (short for Chibi Usagi) so as to avoid confusion about which Usagi is being referred to.

Character Description: Rini

Rini is the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and Neo-King Darien. She is also the crown princess of Crystal Tokyo and the soul heir to the Moon Kingdom, the Earth Kingdom, and the entire universe! Isn't that cool! Anyway, in the second arc of Sailor Moon R she arrives at the docks and lands on top of Serena and Darien in the middle of their kiss. Rini then COMANDS that Serena give her the Silver Crystal, after Serena refuses Rini pulls out a gun on her (which turns out to be just Luna P in disguise). When Darien discovers this she runs off saying that she'll get the Imperium Silver Crystal one way or another.

Later on when Serena gets home she discovers that Rini is posing as her cousin from out of town (she even had Luna P make some fake pictures in an album of her last visit). So after all the frustration Serena goes up to her room for a nap....when she gets there she discovers that Rini trashed the place looking for the Silver Crystal.

So after the scouts "defeat" Rubeus, Rini agrees to take them to the future where Serena and Darien find out that Rini is their's (no, even after all they've been through they still couldn't put 2 and 2 together and figure it out by themselves).

So after season R ends, Rini returns in S. She saves Rae and Serena from Eugeal's monster. At this point she's already Mini Moon.

Sailor Moon Super S is based on her. In the 3rd episode of this season is when she first meets Elios he came to her in her dreams in the form of a beautiful pegasus/unicorn. This is also the episode where she gets her "Crystal Carillon" (a bell that summons Pegasus so that Super Sailor Moon can use her "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" attack), and her Super Sailor Mini Moon transformation. At the end of Super S, Nehelenia gets sealed inside of a dream mirror and sent back to the Dead Moon.

In the first arc of Sailor Stars she plans to return to the future. However, she is delayed because of Nehelenia, so she must stay in they 20th century a bit longer. Nehelenia (who seems to be jealous of Rini's life) kidnaps Darien and kills him. This puts Rini in a time paradox and she starts to disappear. The scouts go to confront Nehelenia and hopefully revive Darien and save Rini, who went with them because she thought she should at least get to fight her "final battle". On the way there Nehelenia traps each of the scouts in a mirror one-by-one in pairs.

So Sailor Moon gets to Nehelenia and somehow purifies her, turning her into a sweet little child who was just having a bad dream. Confusing...I know. Darien is revived by the Silver Crystal. So after all this Rini returns to the future, although we never see it, we know it is true, because she appeared in Serena's dreams telling her she'll see her when she's truly her daughter. That's the last we see of her.

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