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Character Profile: Rubeus

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rubeus Rubeus Rubeus (Sailor Moon)
Human Human
Male Male
19 years 19 years
Red Red
Red Red
6'0" About 183 cm
165 lbs About 75 kg
Serves the Negamoon Serves the Dark Moon family
Robert Tinkler Wataru Takagi
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Character Description: Rubeus

Rubeus was sent by the Wiseman to take care of business in the past. He brings with him four sisters which are foils of the Sailor Scouts. He is deceitful and adheres to his ultimate duty, willing to take whatever steps necessary to accomplish his goal, and he ultimately has to, for the sisters first consistently fail and then later see the light and are converted.

Rubeus ultimately has to try to trap Sailor Moon by capturing the other Sailor Scouts, but after a fierce battle, Rubeus tries to blow us his ship (with the Sailor Scouts trapped inside), and it backfires as Rubeus himself is trapped when the ship explodes.

Character Description: Rubeus

Rubeus is the General in command of the first attack on Tokyo of the past. He traveled along with the four Ayakashi Sisters in pursuit of Chibi-Usa. (Kill the pink headed freak!!!)

Rubeus was da pimp, and would manipulate the mind of the four sisters to get them to do things for him. He was very arrogant and stubborn, and definitely did NOT like to fail.

After losing the four sisters, Rubeus began to go just a tad nuts, and desperate in his attempts to retrieve the Silver Crystal and Chibi-Usa.

He basically incinerated himself by self-destructing his UFO in attempts to take the Sailor Scouts with him. He failed in his attempt.

Character Description: Rubeus

Rubius is part of the Black Moon family who came from the future along with Prisma, Catsy, Birtie, and Avarie. He is in charge of their mission to look for Chibi Usa.

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