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Character Profile: Catsy

USA Info
Japanese Info
Catsy Cooan Catsy (Sailor Moon)
Humanoid Humanoid
Female Female
17 years 17 years
Deep Purple Deep Purple
Violet Violet
5'4" 163 cm
105 lbs. 47.6 kg
One of the Weird Sisters Ayakashi Sisters
Alice Poon, Mary Long Wakana Yamazaki
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Character Description: Catsy

The brash and impulsive member of the four sisters, Catsy is the type who prefers to get in on the action herself, even when she brings Droids with her. She insists on a commanding presence and hates it when she's ignored...especially by Rubeus. Besides her acrobatic abilities, she can also summon the power of Dark Fire.

But when Rubeus puts Catsy on the spot and she fails, Rubeus unceremoniously abandons her, leaving her an energy bomb: a kamikaze weapon so that she may save one last shred of dignity. When the Sailor Scouts disarm her, though, she becomes disillusioned and goes berzerk. That's when Sailor Mars takes a gamble. She takes a blow meant for Catsy, explaining that she had seen into Catsy's heart and had found it to not be inherently evil: merely corrupted by Rubeus and the dark energy within her. She asks Sailor Moon to use the Silver Crystal to remove that energy and purify her. Sailor Moon agrees and purifies Catsy, making her into a normal human. She would be the first to turn against Nemesis but not the last.

Character Description: Catsy

Cooan is the youngest of the four sisters in the Japanese version, but the oldest in the North American version. She is the counterpart to Sailor Mars and pretty much stalks her shrine the whole season.

Cooan's weakness is definitely her love for Rubeus, which he returns with his trademark arrogance and coldness. She was the first to be turned good by Sailor Moon after Rubeus abandoned her for failing.

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