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Character Profile: Sailor Mars

USA Info
Japanese Info
Raye Hino Rei Hino Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon)
Sailor Mars Sailor Mars
Human Human
Female Female
14 years old(born April 17) 14 years old(born April 17)
Black Black
Brown-purple Brown-purple
About 5'3" About 160 cm
Type AB Type AB
Sailor Scout Sailor Senshi
"Mars fire IGNITE!" "I feel the flames running through my body!"
Katie Griffin, Emilie Barlow Michie Tomizawa
Season 1, Episode 7  
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

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Character Description: Sailor Mars

Many people would think that Raye Hino is a stoic, serene person dedicated to her position as a Shinto priestess in the family shrine in the Hikawa district of the city.

You'd be miles from the truth. Raye is definitely a girl of today: cosmopolitan, assertive, ready to take on the world. Her big dream is to dump this dump, see the world, and become a career woman (and perhaps get married in the process). She has a natural talent for leadership, though it's usually masked somewhat by her loud mouth. She's also ready to plug herself into whatever she happens to be doing. She does, however, have a bit of an ego problem, and she sometimes misses the big picture in her outbursts against Serena or her grandfather.

Still, she doesn't deny her heritage nor her mystical abilities. The name "Rei Hino" means "Spirit of Fire", and she is definitely gifted. She carries a sixth sense that enables her to pick up broad feelings of trouble. She is also versed in Japanese exorcism and is never without her warding seals. As the soldier of fire, Sailor Mars, she puts all of her abilities to good use, including her leadership (since Sailor Moon frequently can't handle leading most of the time).

The planet Mars is associated with fire because of its Japanese name "Kasei," meaning "fire planet".

Mars Moves:

  • Mars Fire, Ignite!
  • Mars Fireball, Charge!
  • Mars Celestial Fire, Surround!
  • Evil Begone!
  • Mars Snake Fire!
  • Mars Firebird, Strike!
  • Mars Flame Sniper!

Mars Transformations:

  • Mars Power!
  • Mars Star Power!
  • Mars Planet Power!
  • Mars Crystal Power!

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