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WisemanWiseman (Sailor Moon)
Doom PhantomDeath Phantom
Spirit of destructionSpirit of destruction
Tony DanielsEiji Maruyama
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Character Description: Wiseman

Hidden in the darkness is a malevolent spirit: a force that craves destruction and emptiness and would seek to destroy the universe if it could. The force is the Doom Phantom [Death Phantom].

As the Negamoon Family brooded on Nemesis, a strange, shrouded wise man came to them one day, suggesting that they pay a retaliatory assault on Crystal Tokyo. He provided them with dark energy and a Dark Crystal they could use to exact revenge. The counterattack seems to work. Most of Crystal Tokyo is ruined, and what's left in ensorcelled in crystal. But something had gone wrong. First, Crystal Palace was itself inviolate because the future Sailor Scouts had erected a barrier denying them access. Second, the Silver Crystal, the one thing that could spoil their plans, was nowhere to be found. Then, they learn that Small Lady, the little heiress to Crystal Tokyo, had escaped to the past. So begins the chase through time for Rini. The Negamoon family's plan for revenge begins to evolve with this new development, as the Negamoon family seeks to corrupt the future by destroying the present day with the Dark Crystal.

A stroke of luck, in the meantime, brings little Rini within his reach. He learns of a way to corrupt her by harnessing her loneliest thoughts and infusing her with energy from the Dark Crystal to transform her into Wicked Lady [Black Lady]. With his new ally, he begins the final plan to destroy the present day.

Wiseman's goals, however, don't coincide fully with that of the Negamoon family. He has a darker goal and no scruples as to how to achieve it. Making himself a trusted advisor by the side of Prince Diamond, Wiseman is easily able to influence the prince's behavior for his own ends. However, Wiseman would underestimate Sapphire's ingenuity. He overheard Wiseman mention his true master, the Doom Phantom, and he is forced to take drastic steps to silence him...steps that would ultimately betray his motives to the Prince of Nemesis and forcing Wiseman to deal the prince a lethal blow. He then loses his best ally when Sailor Moon, tapping into her future self's wisdom and memory, brings little Rini back from the darkness.

The worst surprise, though, is saved for last, as Wiseman confronts them personally. It's revealed that he's not the servant of the Doom Phantom...but the Doom Phantom himself...and with the power of the Dark Crystal, he can counter Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal.

But then, the mystery of the missing Silver Crystal of the future is solved...when it emerges from within Rini! The Doom Phantom could not have predicted that two Silver Crystals would confront him, and he is ultimately overwhelmed by their combined power.

Character Description: Wiseman

Wiseman is the head advisor to Demando and the mysterious creator of the whole Dark Moon family. Little is known of his origin, other than that he is really old and knows a lot of stuff. He is presumed to be a direct descendant of Chaos.His true form is the Death Phantom, or in the North American version, Doom Phantom. He is the most powerful in this form.

He manipulated the minds of the Dark Moon family to get them to do his dirty work for him as he plans to take over the universe and destroy it. (Great goal!) Only with the combined powers of both Silver Crystals from the Past and Future was he able to be destroyed.

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