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Character Profile: Prince Diamond

USA Info
Japanese Info
Prince Diamond Prince Demando Prince Diamond
Humanoid Humanoid
Male Male
19 years 19 years
White/light blue White/light blue
Violet Violet
5'11" About 180 cm
160 lbs About 73 kg
Robert Bockstael Kaneto Shiozawa
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Character Description: Prince Diamond

Prince Demando is the leader of the Nemesian/DarkMoon Forces. Advised by Wiseman, he is a powerful adversary to the Sailor Scouts. He is easily manipulated by Wiseman's plans and advice.

Demando's strongest weakness is his love for Neo Queen Serenity, which fuels his obsession of Sailor Moon. He longs to be with her more than anything, and spends hours gazing at a holographic projection of her.

His death was the cause of this, as he sacrificed his life for Sailor Moon's at the hand of Wiseman. Of course, Wiseman intended to kill him anyway, so at least that way he died for a good cause.

Character Description: Prince Diamond

I'm not the best one to describe him, but he was interesting and had the best male voice in the translated series (he also had cool hair). He was bitter toward earth for forcing his people to live on a cold desolate world. He trusted too much in the Wise Man against his brother Saphire's concerns.

Upon his brother's death by the Wise Man, his feelings start to change. When he is finally convinced by Sailor Moon that the earth is not his enemy he dies trying to protect her from the Wise Man. I like it when character's are not pure good or evil. He did bad things but he thought he had a good purpose.

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