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Wicked LadyBlack LadyWicked Lady (Sailor Moon)
5 years (looks 18)5 years (looks 18)
5'6"About 175 cm
110 lbsAbout 45 kg
Rini transformed by WisemanChibi Usagi transformed by Death Phantom
Liz Wartenburg Brown
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Character Description: Wicked Lady

When Sailor Moon proved unable to revive Neo-Queen Serenity, a dejected Rini wanders outside the protection of Crystal Palace. Wiseman notices this and decides to come face to face with the little princess. Looking deep into her subconscious, he discovers that Rini, in an attempt to prove just how princessly she could be, had touched the Silver Crystal of the future...and that's when it disappeared. Wiseman senses an opportunity. He searches for the darkest, loneliest thoughts in her memories, bringing them out into the open and using them to convince Rini that no one cared about her, that she was perpetually alone. He eventually wins her trust, and he takes her where he can bathe her in the energy of the Dark Crystal. This energy would transform her, making her into the dark beauty known as Wicked Lady [Black Lady].

Wiseman sends Wicked Lady to the present day as his agent, to fend off the Sailor Scouts and help Prince Diamond gather the necessary energy to build the Dark Crystal. She's even ready to become the conduit for that dark energy, willing to let herself be destroyed so that the Earth may be destroyed with her.

Though Sailor Moon tries several times to make Rini realize the truth, the energy from the Dark Crystal and the words of Wiseman cloud her thoughts, and Sailor Moon must resort to approaching Wicked Lady as her future mother to shatter Wiseman's lies and make her see the love they share.

Character Description: Wicked Lady

Black Lady is an altered form of Chibi-Usa after The DarkMoon family captured her. She has enormous amounts of power and Wiseman uses this to his advantage by doing away with the rest of the family and keeping her by his side to do his work.

She is severely brainwashed and her mind is filled with false memories of her childhood to make her hate her parents and the Sailor Scouts. However, the brainwashing is not strong enough when it comes to a mother's love, and Black Lady returns to her form as Chibi-Usa when Sailor Moon incarnates the soul of Neo Queen Serenity at the end of the season.

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