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SapphireSafiruSapphire (Sailor Moon)
17 years17 years
Dark BlueDark Blue
5'9"About 175 cm
145 lbsAbout 68 kg
Younger brother of Prince DiamondYounger brother of Prince Demando
Lyon SmithTsutomu Kashiwakura
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Character Description: Sapphire

Sapphire cares very deeply for his older brother, the Prince of Nemesis, which is why he is so concerned about Diamond's apparent infatuation with Neo-Queen Serenity and about Wiseman, whom he suspects is manipulating Diamond for more sinister reasons.

Normally a man of little words, he nonetheless possesses a quick mind capable of deciphering secrets around him. One day, he manages to overhear Wiseman declare his true allegiance to the Doom Phantom [Death Phantom]. Finally with proof that they are being used, Sapphire takes matters into his own hands, stealing a control chip for the Dark Crystal...but Wiseman had sensed Sapphire and retaliates. Though Sapphire escapes into the present day (where his brother is located along with Wicked Lady), he sustained serious injuries. He wanders through the streets of Tokyo before collapsing in a park.

But his wandering had not gone unnoticed. Prisma had spotted him and had quickly seen to his care. The two of them had been an item in the past, and Prisma is worried that Sapphire will get killed trying to pass on his word of warning to his brother. Her concern is well-founded, because both Wicked Lady and Wiseman conspire to silence him.

But in a surprise twist, the Sailor Scouts (informed by Catsy) intervene and buy him precious time to at least get Diamond's attention...before Wiseman finishes the job he had started at the Dark Crystal. Though unable to actually say the words before being killed, Prince Diamond finally begins to understand why Sapphire had been so concerned. His death is not in vain, as his brother will eventually turn away from Wiseman and confront him.

Character Description: Sapphire

Safiru is the younger, overlooked brother of Demando, and what seems like a head advisor.

Safiru uses his abilities to create the droids and space craft used in the war against Crystal Tokyo and the Past. He also created Esmeraude's Dark Crystal wedges.

Safiru supports his brother's choices no matter what, but truly believes that Wiseman is up to no good.

His death occurred when he traveled to the past to warn Demando of Wiseman's treachery, but he was unable to deliver the message completely.

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