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Character Profile: Emerald

USA Info
Japanese Info
Emerald Esmeraude Emerald (Sailor Moon)
Human Human
Female Female
18 years 18 years
Bright Green Bright Green
Brown Brown
5'10" About 178 cm
130 lbs About 59 kg
Serves the Negamoon Serves the Dark Moon family
(her laugh)  
Kirsten Bishop Mami Koyama
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Character Description: Emerald

When things begin to get really bad for Rubeus, guess who comes along to rub it in but Emerald, also of the Dark Moon Family. She first appears with Prince Diamond's ultimatum (get the job done in 24 hours or else). After Rubeus makes his last blunder, Emerald tries to handle the situation herself, and she has the talent to do it.

A villainess to the core, she tried to bake up some really explosive likenesses of herself to place in the city, but that threat's defused. Then, she sees a problem. As if Prince Diamond having a forbidden crush wasn't enough, Emerald wants Diamond herself. Her ambition gets the best of her when she's tricked by the Wiseman in what seemed to be her crowning moment and turned into a dragon. In desperaration, she makes a do-or-die assault against the Crystal Palace, but a well-thrown rose from Tuxedo Mask shatters the spell and condemns her to the void.

Character Description: Emerald

Esmeraude is the beautiful but obnoxious Commander in Chief of the DarkMoon forces. She is very vain and has a really horrible, HORRIBLE laugh. *Cringes*

She is obsessed with Prince Demando and wishes to be his Queen one day, or at least take over the whole operation.

This was her weakness, however, and Wiseman used it against her, transforming her jealousy of the Prince's love for Serenity into a dragon facade, which was killed by the Sailor Scouts, thus also killing Esmeraude.

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