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Character Profile: Bertie

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bertie Beruche Bertie
· · ·
Birdie(alternative spelling)  
Humanoid Humanoid
Female Female
18 years 18 years
White/Light blue White/Light blue
Blue Blue
5'7" 170 cm
115 lbs. 52.2 kg
One of the Weird Sisters Ayakashi Sisters
Kathleen Laskey Yuri Amano
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Character Description: Bertie

The conservative but intelligent Bertie loves to dress in style and prefers not to get her own hands dirty, usually letting the Droids do the work for her. Not that she isn't capable of handling herself: possessing the power of Dark Water.

The one time when she decides to take on the matter herself is when she learns of a potential focal point at a new chess center. However, she didn't expect Amy to be there at the same time...and reveal herself as Sailor Mercury. When other Sailor Scouts appear, she's forced to flee for the moment and rethink her strategy. She tries again during a chess tournament there...and again comes face to face with Amy in the final match...where she would lose. Bitter, she reveals herself and raises the stakes. But when even a rigged chess match is stopped by Tuxedo Mask, Avarie and Prisma eventually appear and tell Bertie that she's out. Unable to accept such a crushing defeat, Bertie tries to freeze herself.

But then Catsy appears, having accompanied the girls to watch the tournament. Catsy pleads with her sister to reconsider and realize that the Sailor Scouts could help her, too. This changes Bertie's mind, and she agrees to purification.

Character Description: Bertie

Birdie is Sailor Mercury's counterpart and the weakest of the Ayakashi Sisters. She is a sweet girl, even when it comes down to business, and is seldom rude to anyone, including her adversaries.

Birdie is seldom able to accomplish anything for herself because her sisters interfere wanting the glory for themselves. Birdie was the second to be turned good by the Sailor Scouts after she was defeated by Sailor Mercury.

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