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Character Profile: Sailor Mercury

USA Info
Japanese Info
Amy Anderson Ami Mizuno Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)
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Amy Mizuno  
Sailor Mercury Sailor Mercury
Human Human
Female Female
14 years old(born September 10) 14 years old(born September 10)
Blue Blue
Blue Blue
About 5'2" About 157 cm
Type A Type A
Sailor Scout Sailor Senshi
"Mercury bubbles BLAST!"  
Karen Bernstein, Lisa Balkan Aya Hisakawa
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

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Character Description: Sailor Mercury

Amy Mizuno is perhaps one of the most brilliant young girls to ever enter the scene. When she entered Serena's life, she seemed sad and alone, perhaps because she was so devoted to her studies that she had no time for those social events that make girls of the '90s. She lives with her mother, a doctor, and hopes to become a doctor herself someday (her father left on friendly terms years back to pursue a dream in art). At first suspicious of her (Luna had been tipped off that she could be a monster [youma]), it was later discovered that she was in fact one of the reincarnated Sailor Soldiers: namely the soldier of water (or ice), Sailor Mercury.

She is considered to be the sanity of the Sailor Soldiers. She frequently remains calm even as things begin to spin out of control elsewhere, and when she ever does pop off, you know there's a problem. She keeps focused not just on their missions as Sailor Soldiers, but their futures as girls becoming young women. She is a friend in the truest sense, fitting the meaning of her Japanese name ("Ami Mizuno" means "Friend of the Water").

The planet Mercury is associated with water because of its Japanese name "Suisei," meaning "water planet".

Note: When Dic held the Sailor Moon series, they changed Amy's last name to Anderson, but when Mixx took over, they changed her last name back to the original Mizuno. Her Anderson name was mentioned once in the series when she answered the phone "Anderson residence". Later, in episode 33 of Sailor Moon S, Byruit calls her Amy Mizuno.

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