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Character Profile: Byruit

USA Info
Japanese Info
Byruit Viluy Byruit (Sailor Moon)
Julie Budoh Yui Budoh
Artificial Human Artificial Human
Female Female
Light Blue Light Blue
Blue Blue
Member of Witches 5 Member of Witches 5
Susan Aceron Yoshino Takamori
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Character Description: Byruit

Taking advantage of a standardized test taking place at Mugen School, genius electronics expert Byruit uses a supercomputer and her special Nano Cuff to steal Heart Crystals from all the test-taking students. But the Sailor Scouts evaded the trap and actually managed to locate Hotaru hidden in the school. Byruit tries to stop them, but after being stunned by Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, Super Sailor Moon attacked with the Rainbow Moon Heartache. Though she blocked it, the attack struck the Nano Cuff, causing it to lose control and send a deadly attack meant for Super Sailor Moon back on herself.

Character Description: Byruit

Viluy's plan is to use computers to steal numerous heart crystals at the same time. She disguises herself as Bidou Yui, a student at Mugen Gauken. Her attack is Mosaic Buster, but when she uses it a second time it backfires and she is killed by it.

Character Description: Byruit

Viluy is a heart snatcher that uses a Nano Cuff, a braclet that carries out her commands.

She appears at Mugen School while Ami is waiting to take an exam. Viluy disgusies herself as Yui Budoh, and discovers that Ami is a Sailor Scout. Once she believes that Ami is a Scout, she starts her plan by extracting the students' pure hearts for the Sovergin of Silence.

Later, she discovers that Haruka, Michiru, and Ami have found where Hotaru is, and that Haruka and Michiru plan to kill Hotaru. Yui stops them and reveals her true self as Viluy. The other Sailor Scouts arrive, and eventually, Super Sailor Moon uses her "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" on Viluy. Viluy blocks the attack by using her Nano Cuff, but the cuff breaks down. Viluy tries to attack Sailor Moon, but Sailor Moon has shields that refelct the attack back to her, killing her.

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