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Anime Profile: Mushishi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mushishi Mushishi(蟲師)(Bugmaster) Mushishi
26 TV Episodes 26 TV Episodes
  October 22, 2005
FUNimation Artland, ADK, Minamimachi Bugyousho, Mushishi Production Committee
  Yuki Urushibara
  Hiroshi Nagahama
Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal
Dr. Adashino Adashino-sensei
· · ·
Ginko Ginko
· · ·
Shige Shige
· · ·
Tanyuu Tanyuu

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Anime Description: Mushishi

In the world of Mushishi lives creatures that are neither plants nor animals. They are also different from regular forms of life. These beings are known as the "Mushi."

The Mushi are primeval beings with supernatural powers that make them much more in tune to nature. However, they are mostly hidden and unknown to humanity, and only a select few know of their existence. Mushishi tells the story of Ginko, a laid-back Mushi master who travels from place to place in order to research the Mushi and solve problems for anyone that happens to be plagued by them.

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