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Character Profile: Sailor Uranus

USA Info
Japanese Info
Amara Tenoh Haruka Ten'ou Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)
Sailor Uranus Sailor Uranus
Human Human
Female Female
17 years old(born January 27) 17 years old(born January 27)
Dirty blond Dirty blond
Green Green
About 5'9" About 175 cm
Type B Type B
Outer Senshi Outer Senshi
"Summoned by the new age, I, Sailor Uranus, dance with elegance!"  
Sarah Lafleur Megumi Ogata
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Character Description: Sailor Uranus

Take away the fact that this lady likes to dress like a gentleman, and you get what appears to be a rather stern and callous young woman.

Take the sternness and callousness away and you begin to see the real Amara Tenoh: a girl who is afraid of her destiny. It's her fear that has driven her to such a need for speed. She's an excellent runner, and she enjoys racing of all sorts: on foot or on wheels.

She had been haunted with apocalyptic visions that she wished to avoid, but one person always begged her to reconsider: Michelle, the one person she cared about more than anything. It was when she learned that Michelle had actually been fighting as Sailor Neptune that she stopped running and became Sailor Uranus so as to fight side by side with Michelle. They're considered a very formidable duo, so much so that at first, Amara didn't consider the Inner Soldiers to be of their caliber and only relents when Sailor Moon proves her worth against them.

And her desire to dress like a man? It appears to be a personal quirk. She is frequently seen with Michelle like they're a couple. Haruka's lesbianism is severely played down in the dubs, with Amara and Michelle portrayed as cousins rather than lovers and all flirtations removed. In the English manga (volume 7, page 72), Sailor Neptune says Uranus is "a Guardian who possesses the strengths of both genders," which admittedly could mean that she is a hermaphrodite though could just as easily mean she has the ability to be both feminine and masculine.

Amara's Japanese name, "Haruka Tenoh," is a reference to her planet, Uranus. The Uranus of Greek myth was the first ruler of the universe, and "Haruka Tenoh" translates to "Distant Lord of the Heavens". She is the soldier of the skies, and her powers center around dealing judgment from above, whether it be the meteoritic impact of World Shaking or the fine edge of the Space Sword.

Editor's Note:

I've been told by someone who has imported the entire anime series that Haruka never out-right flirts with Usagi, despite what some other people seem to think. She does make some close contact, but in any of those instances the action was more to embarrasses Usagi than to flirt with her.

Character Description: Sailor Uranus

In the Japanese version, Haruka is a lesbian and often flirts with Usagi. She and Michiru are lovers. In the U.S. release, they're seen as cousins instead of lovers. The reason behind this should be obvious, as there would almost definitely be some strong negative sentiments on lesbianism shown in children's programming.

Many a time, Naeko Takeuchi, the creator of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, has been asked about Haruka-san and Michiru-san. All her replies have been the same: They are a couple. Of course, any series is open to interpretation from the viewers, but if the creator says "These two are together"... well then, indeed we all must accept it, ne?

Editor's Note: There are two different English names because when Cloverway took over the series, they decided to change the surnames back to the original Japanese versions.

The picture you see below of Uranus and Neptune kissing is actually a fake. It is a modified version of a picture showing Darien and Serena kissing, which can also be seen below.

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