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Character Profile: Avarie

USA Info
Japanese Info
Avarie Karaberas Avarie
· · ·
Avery Calaveras(alternate spellings)
Humanoid Humanoid
Female Female
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
One of the Weird Sisters Ayakashi Sisters
Jennifer Griffiths Akiko Hiramatsu
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Character Description: Avarie

Avarie was always the kind to worry about her personal appearance, always willing to try something new. Unlike the other sisters, Avarie doesn't rely on dark magic but rather a pair of nasty whips.

Avarie is always bickering with her sister Prisma, and more than once they've argued in the middle of a battle, causing them to be outmaneuvered and forcing them to flee. Rubeus decides to use this friction between them when he gives Prisma a dark strobe that amplifies all of her qualities: including her envy.

Avarie becomes worried that Prisma's being manipulated...but she would never have believed that Sailor Moon herself would come to her and promise to help them out. Avarie had originally been skeptical of Catsy and Bertie's words of warning, but having seen what's happening to Prisma, she decides to switch sides...and when Prisma decides to do the same, she helps out...by keeping Prisma from making a noble but unnecessary sacrifice. Both would them would together agree to be purified by the Silver Crystal, thus turning all of the Weird Sisters away from Nemesis.

Character Description: Avarie

Calaveras is Petz's younger twin sister and the lesser of the two indefinitely. She is constantly overran by Petz and never gets her share of the glory.

Calaveras is Sailor Venus' counterpart. She has no romantic involvement other than Rubeus. She never works by herself on any mission, and is usually with Petz. Calaveras was turned good by Sailor Moon at the same time Petz was.

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