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EugealEudialEugeal (Sailor Moon)
Artificial HumanArtificial Human
Head of Witches 5
Loretta JafeliceMaria Kawamura
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Character Description: Eugeal

Eugeal is the head of the Witches 5 division of the Bureau of Bad Behavior [Death Busters]. After Kaorinite's supposed demise, Dr. Tomoe calls on Eugeal to assist in the search for the Crystal Treasures [Talismans].

Eugeal prefers to extract Heart Crystals herself by means of a special cannon of her own design. She resorts to the demons only when trouble arises. Unfortunately for her, it happens much too often. Even with the help of her homemade flamethrower, the Fire Buster, she keeps losing.

Soon, her colleagues at Witches 5 begin to snicker behind her back, especially Mimet. Eugeal decided to really get down to the nitty gritty and created a new search engine. What she found was that Amara and Michelle (aka Uranus and Neptune) held two of the treasures! Tricking them into coming alone, and even after interference from Serena, she implements her improved Fire Buster and eventually steals the two treasures...only to be stopped by Sailor Pluto and the last treasure. With the three treasures together, the Purity Chalice [Holy Grail (no religious connotation intended)] appears, and she races to grab it, only to lose to Sailor Moon and be driven away by her new super powers.

The last hurrah comes from Mimet, however. Eugeal doesn't realize until too late that her car had no brakes, and she crashes through a barrier into the ocean.

Character Description: Eugeal

Once Eugeal discovered that Kaorinite was dead, her group took over for Dr. Tomoe. She'd call Dr. Tomoe up on the phone and report the target. Dr. Tomoe would use a demon oven, placing an object inside the oven and planting a seed on the object.

Eugeal would then track the target down, and use her heart gun to check their heart. Unlike Kaori, Eugeal had no idea to tell whether which crystal was a pure heart and which wasn't. Dr. Tomoe said they'd transform into treasures: a mirror, a sword, and a red gem. Once they were placed together, the Purity Chalice [Holy Grail] would appear.

So Eugeal kept failing until one day. She decided to go high tech and use a new search engine to track the pure hearts. While she was on break, a thumb tack was placed in her shoe, and she screamed in horror. To her surprise, she found the snails the girls were working on in her locker, acid snails. There was threat note, "Snail Women in the Station Wagon should crash and die!!"

Eugeal was horrified, and she heard the girls snickering behind her back. She was outraged and did the search. To her surprise, Haruka and Michiru were the holders of pure hearts. She tricked them, and took the talismans from Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

Later, Sailor Pluto came and got the talismans back, and giving the heart crystals of Haruka and Michiru back. Then, the Purity Chalice appeared. Eugeal almost got it, but Sailor Moon got the Chalice, and the Silver Crystal reacted to it's power. Eugeal tried to blast Super Sailor Moon away, but the Chalice granted shields which bounced the fire back to Eugeal, throwing her out the window.

Eugeal was driving very fast, and she got a call from Mimet, telling her she should die and repent for tarnishing the name of the Death Busters. Eugeal was coming up to a curb and hit the brakes, but they didn't work. Mimet had put acid snails that ate up the brake line. Eugeal hit the barrier with great impact, and she and her car plunged into the water!

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